Jul 18, 2013

Looking Fabulous in a Dress

blankpixels25As I turn a year older in a few months, there are many reservations I had back when I was younger that now seem to just fade away. Maybe it comes with growing old, or maybe, I'm feeling more of myself now, and a lady at that. One of those restrictions I had was about wearing skirts or anything above-the-knee like homecoming dresses or even a more casual summer dress. And I want to change that.

Though I have always loved myself and the way I look, it was only the past two years when I started really taking care of myself. I may have gained weight, but I'm actually more comfortable now about how I look than ever before. When I look at myself in front of the mirror, I always ask myself why it took me too long to be more lady-like.

The last time I remember wearing a dress was for my friend's 18th birthday. I wore a long, beautiful peach dress as part of her cotillion and another black dress for ballroom dancing. I kept both dresses, and I wish someday, they’ll fit me again. ;)

I'm currently online window-shopping for the first dress I'll be wearing in 15 years (!). I saw a couple of gorgeous dresses on DressFirst that I love, love, love. Of course, I initially looked at their stylish black dresses.

Black homecoming dresses - fab!

But, that's another of my reservations. Well, it's really a preference even when I was a kid - I'm not into wearing any color (black is technically not a color ;) ). I guess that rooted from my mom forcing me to wear colorful clothes that were just nasty. :D Sorry, I love my mom but her taste in clothing back when I was in my early teens was ridiculous! Well, now, she has more fashion sense. I think that's what happens with us ladies - when we grow older, we suddenly get this need for transformation that includes our fashion choices.

Just look at these red dresses that I think are just fabulous!

Red homecoming dresses - fab!

In a few months, I'm hoping I'll be fit enough to strut my stuff in these cute dresses. When that happens, expect me to post my photos all over my blog.

How about you? Do you love wearing dresses? What’s your favorite style?

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